Usherea Villa

The spaces of the Usherea Villa are largely open and flow smoothly from the inside to the outside. They are generously ventilated by large glass sliding doors and well protected from the tropical sun and the monsoon rain. The Villa has a minimalistic expression and is organised in two volumes. The volume of the second floor is laid orthogonally on top of the volume of the ground floor so that its main façade is looking North to lessen the solar gain. Additionally, the second floor is cantilevered on both side and create a shaded space above the pool the living room and the Sala.

The main space of the Villa is a 6x10m living room surrounded by glass sliding doors that fully opens on two sides and bring to the space the quality of being both an interior and exterior space. It also makes the living room a well naturally cross ventilated space that is further cooled by the proximity of the pool.

The pool is the central element of the composition. It articulates and bring freshness to the spaces around. It is framed by the living room, the Sala, the Garden and the Sun-deck. The environment created is relaxing and mixes nature and furniture that are built within the Architecture of the Villa.

Architect: Florent Nedelec



Reinforce concrete structure design with BIM Archicad18

Project status: Design period


Nedelec Architect


Structural engineering design