About BIM


DCS believes that BIM should be used on any construction or engineering project. In fact anything that is built.

We know that using BIM demands clear and unambiguous project management, a lean approach and collaborative engagement throughout the delivery team. What makes BIM a particularly powerful tool is that it considers a project in a wider environment and across the whole of its life cycle. At DCS, BIM projects start with the end in mind.

The team at DCS has been helping clients build construction and engineering projects for many years, and through this we have built up an enormous understanding of the rewards, challenges and pitfalls of implementing BIM across a wide range of programmes. This has given us a valuable insight into how well BIM impacts on a construction project from the viewpoint of project management, clients and the supply chain.


To begin with, we make sure we understand the project’s decision-making process. We then identify the minimum data required to support this process, and present it so that it is accessible to the people making the decisions. Decisions need to be recorded and retrievable at any stage of the project, and BIM preserves the knowledge of how and why a particular part of the project was developed throughout its operational life. Once these processes are in place, DCS is in a great position to exploit 3D modelling and visualisation to its maximum effect.

Five good reasons to use BIM on your construction project:
1. Combines information production with sound engineering judgement and design
2. Provides wider, faster access to integrated information
3. Enables better collaboration and decision making
4. Harnesses innovative technologies and gathers intelligence
5. Enables reflective, adaptive thinking for the whole life of the project and within a wider context

Ten ways that BIM will improve your construction project:
1. Improve efficiencies
2. Reduce waste
3. Reduce risk
4. Reduce costs
5. Improve profitability
6. Reduce environmental impact
7. Improve health and safety
8. Maximise value
9. Provide better service to the client
10. Give confidence that your project is delivered on time and on budget

Have a look through our projects to see BIM in action.